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Brad Bird's new sci-fi adventure film features George Clooney, Britt Robertson and an endless sense of possibilities. David Edelstein says the film makes a "near-hysterical case" against pessimism.

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Less a blockbuster action film than a stern but well-intentioned lecture accompanied by an elaborate audiovisual presentation, TOMORROWLAND argues that rampant cynicism is actively poisoning our future. People become so convinced by movies like MAD MAX and SAN ANDREAS that the world is doomed that they start to believe it really is.

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Watch Tomorrowland "Imagine a world where nothing is impossible." PG 2015 6.4 (181,570) 60 This is a movie that ties in the fantasies of teenagers with science fiction. Two young men plan to find the secrets of a place that only exists in their memories. This place is called Tomorrowland.

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A jaded genius and an optimistic teen unearth the secrets of Tomorrowland. Watch Tomorrowland - English Action-Adventure Science Fiction movie on Disney+ now.

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But Tomorrowland arguably spends just as much time on the apocalypse as any of Hollywood’s recent dystopian blockbusters. The only difference is that this movie lectures you about enjoying these. Watch the Tomorrowland ‘After Movie’. Wow! This looks like a spectacular event. Here you can join the music festival, eat delicious food, meet new people and make new friends. Sound more like an adventure than a festival. If you are an electronic music festival, you will love this festival. All your favorite DJs are gathering here to.

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The commercial disappointment of Tomorrowland had an effect on the plans for TRON 3 plans. There’s a school of thought that suggests moviegoers shouldn’t be concerned with box office totals.

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